5 Tips for Attending NYC Concerts


3. Put down your camera phone!

We know, we know… you’re overflowing with enthusiasm and adrenaline at the moment and you want to share this incredible moment with your followers, family, friends on every social media site you’ve ever created… That’s fine. By all means, snap a few selfies with those you are accompanied with before/after the show- but please, do not make the poor decision to view the entire concert through your unstable iPhone/Camera screen. You’ve likely only seen this band/artist through a computer/television screen for your entire existence, now that they are right before your eyes, it would make the most sense to see them in front of you and soak the moment for all it truly is. Believe us, there will be endless footage of the exact same concert you attended the night afterwards, and it won’t be any more or less significant than if it were to have been on your phone/camera or not. There are so many other incredible things you can do with your free hands, like- clap, dance, wave those arms around, hug the person your with, the possibilities are endless. How you enjoy the show is entirely up to you.