5 Tips for Attending NYC Concerts


[tps_header]If you’re anything like us, Concerts are the fuel behind your existence, the pulse that thrives in your veins and validates your purpose. Completely understandable. One of the most incredible experiences in the world is uniting with thousands of other people who share a common passion for music while simultaneously allowing your soul to escape into the atmosphere for one night. Just one night of pure and genuine happiness – so, you want to make the most of it while it lasts, right? Here are ORSVP’s top 5 Rules for to get the ultimate concert experience.[/tps_header]

1. Only attend the concerts of artists who you sincerely are a fan of!

This would should be a given. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on a concert, you should be a die-hard fan- as it truly is only fair to not just yourself, but everyone else. It’s often taken as an offense when you’re at a show but you have the physical appearance of being at your desk at work. Do not attend a concert just for bragging rights, as the seat you’re seating in would’ve likley been visualized as the Queen’s throne (No matter where it is in the venue) by any other fan who desperately desired to be at that show – but couldn’t because you took up a spot. In a similiar instance, don’t be the person who buys tickets with the sole intention of selling them for an even higher price. Concerts exist for the fans, for the people who sincerely mean it when they say that the artist’s music gave them the strength to carry on. Don’t take the experience away from other people to make a quick buck. Go to the shows you want to go to and allow everybody else to do the same and everyone remains happy. Little by little, we can make the world a better place.