Toronto-based DJ Totemic is coming at us with some uniquely mixed electronica, and as we look toward recent world events and the overall frustration drifting around, there’s really nothing that could be better than upbeat music right about now. His latest single, “Drow,” is dripping with heavy synths and fast-paced beats that’ll get your toe tapping and your head bopping (at the very least, anyway!). Even if you’re not usually a fan of electronica, there’s something to discover within this track that’s sure to entice all types of music lovers.

Totemic incorporates a unique mixture to his DJing, combining his synthy sounds with violin, drum, and bass. This approach is part of what makes the music really jump out and grab hold of you. The track flows together seamlessly, bringing you through an internal journey that’ll leave your head spinning, your heart throbbing, and your ears eager for another listen.

Totemic is currently making waves in Canada and pushing the envelope through DJing. He’s performed at recent festivals, such as Harvest, All Stars, OM, and Solstice and has worked alongside other notable acts like Gremlinz, White Bear, and DJ Madd. Unsurprisingly his live set is similar to the single above: packed with energy, enthusiasm, and an overall vibrancy that you’ll want to bottle up and save for a gloomy afternoon.

And if you’re looking for the best remedy to cure that spinning head, listening to the song all over again is highly recommended. Check out “Drow” above, and don’t be ashamed to keep it on repeat for a while—we won’t tell anyone. Also be sure to keep an eye on Totemic for upcoming shows (because the only thing that can make listening to this single better is hearing it in person) as well as his soon-to-drop EP, Falling.