The Top 10 Startups from NY Tech Day 2015


Thursday marked the fourth annual Tech Day to be held in New York City. Tech Day is a huge fair where startups set up tables and talk about their products. Investors, job seekers and people interested in technology can comes and take a look at some of what is new in the tech world. Many of the products are for the everyday consumer and here are some of the most intriguing ones.

The Take

Are you ever watching a movie and you see a product you really want? The Take allows you to find the exact product or products similar to it by using an app or their website. Simply have your device listen to that particular scene and The Take will bring up the purchasable items from that scene. There is also the option to check out film locations. Currently The Take is available on iOS and online, but they are working on making it available on Android.




Online window-shopping can be a hassle. Typing “dress” or “pants” into Amazon brings up way too many results to shift through. Shopography aims to lessen the load by adding hashtags to particular articles and therefore helping to narrow the search. So, maybe you want something Kanye West inspired or something that reminds you of the ocean. Shopography is a social shopping site, so others will place hashtags on items and then this will benefit the next shopper. It’s a way to shop by trends. Shopography is available on iOS and Android.



Moving seriously sucks. On top of having to pack everything up and transport it to a new location, there’s officially changing your address, getting all your utilities switched over, hiring movers/a van, etc. What Updater aims to do is make it much more convenient. They have everything you need to do in one spot. They take the suck out of moving. They are currently web-based.



Cosign allows you to tag products in pictures you take. Example, you take a selfie and you’re wearing a shirt from H&M, you can tag the shirt and people who click on it can then purchase it. An added perk is if people click on the links you set up and then buy something (even if it’s not the original item tagged) you get commission. It’s Cosign’s way of saying thanks!



An in-menu ordering app, it allows customers to order at concerts, bars and restaurants without having to interact with the wait staff, i.e. if the line is super long or you really don’t want to talk to anyone, it makes it that much easier. Currently active in 25 venues in New York and 50 in Tampa, Preo is great for the impatient among us. It even sends a notification when your order is ready to be picked up. Available on iOS and Android.



A nightlife search engine, Taabs is a database of the best night spots in Manhattan (they are currently working on expanding to Brooklyn). You can search by neighborhood for places to go and also by characteristic of the venues. Currently only available on iOS, it plans to be available on Android in about 3 months.



Rally aims to make planning a night out that much easier. It allows you to create groups and add friends (your friends are based on contacts in your phone) and friends can post their availability. Only the friends who are available will get notifications. Locations can be sent to others so that they can find you easily (it even gives directions) and pictures shared (but only after six). And the next day you can see the path you took through town.



A social network of places, BobbyPin wants to discard the reading of reviews of places off of sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor and instead create a network of friends to receive local recommendations from. Online reviews from strangers can often be contradictory and confusing and getting your friends opinions can be time-consuming. BobbyPin puts all the recommendations in one place. The official launch for BobbyPin will be in June (they are in Beta) for iOS and they are working on Android, but its website is fully mobile.


A social dining site, Bookalokal offers a unique dining experience in homes and restaurants all over the world. You can browse dining events from verified hosts in your area and it’s a great way to meet people and eat delicious food. They are currently online.



Basically the AirBnB for boats. Boat and yacht owners rent out their vessels to people who want to spend a day out on the open waters. It’s just a really convenient way to get some quality time on a boat. Currently only a website.


Tech Day doesn’t only take place in New York, but all over the country and in London. It’s a great event and free to attend, all you have to do is register. It’s a great way to discover new tech and maybe even find a job or investment opportunity. Be sure to look out for next year’s.