Takumi Taco Brings Japanese-Inspired Tacos to NYC

Takumi Taco is a fusion of delicious Mexican and Japanese food. Owners Marc Spitzer and Derek Kaye have combined their talents to bring customers this unique and convenient menu full of Japanese-inspired tacos, nachos, and more. Spitzer and Kaye make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest Japanese food trends so they can keep making additions to their menu. They can be found at the Chelsea Market, Starrett LeHigh Building, Smorgasburg, and the Fort Greene Flea Market. They’ll be ready to serve at these various locations whenever you’ve got a hankering for something tasty and quick!

ORSVP had the pleasure of sitting down with Derek Kaye to discuss this years Smorgasburg and the origin of Takumi Taco.

When/how did you guys get involved in Smorgasburg?
We opened Takumi Taco at Smorgasburg in 2012 which was Smorgasburg’s second year. We had heard about it from a friend who opened a stand there and we loved the idea of a large number of vendors being curated in one space.

How has Smorgasburg changed over the years? Do you see an increase in your business after joining it?
Smorgasburg was the first thing we ever did. It gave us the ability to test our concept in a low cost model and see what items customers enjoyed. It allowed us to launch other locations while always having a base to work out of.

What’s your favorite item off the menu and why?
The Spicy Tuna Taco is our favorite item. It’s by far our most popular dish as well and consists of Ahi tuna, jicama, cucumber, avocado and spicy mayo in a crispy gyoza shell. It has great flavor and texture and melds items from both cultures as well.

Have you been to Mexico or Japan before? If yes, what’d you think of the food?
I have been to Mexico and my partner has been to Japan. The ingredients from both countries are very different but they both share the fact that their people are so passionate about food and using every resource available to them.

What sorts of foods are you planning to offer? Any differences from last year?
This year we have changed our chicken recipe to reflect some Mexican flavors utilizing chipotle and three types of chilies. The dish is called Adobo Chicken and is great on a taco or burrito/bowl.

I saw that you served food at the WishNYC after party. Do you have any other events planned for the future that we can possibly catch you at?
You can find us this year at the Brooklyn Half Marathon Registration Pick Up in May as well as Madison Square Eats the entire month of May.

What’s your favorite part of Smorgasburg? Are there any other vendors that, from your experience, you highly recommend?
Definitely get a lobster roll at Red Hook Lobster Pound and try a chicken schnitzel from Schnitz.

How do you expect this year’s Smorgasburg to be different than last years?
Each year Smorgasburg becomes more and more mainstream. It used to be more of a “foodie” thing and now it’s become a place for people from all over to just hang out.