Post Death Soundtrack Releases New CD


Feeling a bit dark and moody? Post Death Soundtrack has got precisely what you’re looking for: a little bit of musical accompaniment to really validate your feelings.

Their popular single “Little Alice” is a track that’s full of haunting beats and stormy vocals, which come together to form a piece that feels like it’s about to explode. The whole song feels like it’s on the verge of exploring new depths, simultaneously torn between tentatively sticking a toe in to see if it’s worth exploring and just walking away from the entire endeavor completely. It’s the perfect metaphor for Post Death Soundtrack as a whole, too: a group that came together in the past to create enticing industrial tunes, took a three-year break from making music together, and are now back to explore their musical options and see what sort of challenges and adventures await them.

Their latest album The Unlearning Curve dropped on May 27 and sees the group together again after a three-year hiatus. The Canadian group was originally founded in 2007 and released their debut full-length album, Music as Weaponry, soon after in 2008. The album received a ton of acclaim and earned some great reviews from publications like, Sphere Magazine, and others. From there, things slowed down a bit, seeing the band unleash a new single, “Ultraviolence,” in 2010. Next they took their hiatus, but clearly music was calling their names throughout that time because now they’re back with The Unlearning Curve! The piece as a whole offers listeners a new perspective into various genres with Post Death Soundtrack’s own unique spin put on it all.

Take a listen to “Little Alice” above, and then make sure you head to their SoundCloud page where you can find the rest of The Unlearning Curve.