If you’re looking for music that’s unique to anything you’ve heard before, then check out the Mongolian throat singing and fiddling of Nature Ganganbaigal’s EP, The Mantra. Hailing from China, much of Nature’s music has been featured in popular films, commercials, and video games over the years. He’s been recognized around the world for his distinctive sound, which he refers to as “Neo-Central nomadic folk.” It’s essentially the basics of most folk music with his Mongolian-influences sprinkled heavily throughout.

The Mantra paints a picture from song to song, seeming like a soundtrack to a short movie. The EP jumps immediately into Nature’s throat singing as bells tinkle and the fiddle plucks along consistently in the titular track. From there it moves into “White Pony,” which is heavier in the folk influences but still holds true to Nature’s distinctiveness. Right smack in the middle of the EP (appropriately placed as it builds up to the climax of the album/imagined movie playing in our heads) is the most upbeat track, “Leader Wolf.” The last two tracks, “Ancient Gobi Road” and “Life Rattles On,” are similar to the first two and ground the album in its chilled out folk roots again. It makes sense that Nature Ganganbaigal has spent most of his career curating music for films after listening to The Mantra.