MisterWives Album Review “Our Own House”


If you’re looking for a reason to get up and dance, then just pop on MisterWives’ new album Our Own House (iTunes | Amazon) and get ready to groove. The band’s much anticipated debut full-length is packed with unique vocals that dip and dive alongside jazzy brass and funky guitar chords. Frontwoman Mandy Lee Duffy captivates listeners as she spans the vocal spectrum, and you can’t help but tap your foot and bob your head along with her. You might even find it hard to contain yourself to your seat as the urge to bust a move overtakes you.

The album starts off with immediate energy that radiates from Lee on the title track, “Our Own House,” that was released shortly before the album dropped. It transitions into the slower yet just as fun “Not Your Way,” which drips with empowerment as Lee declares, “This is my own life/Not growing up to be a trophy wife.” From there the album reaches the hit single “Reflections” that follows a rollicking drumbeat from Etienne Bowler and enticing “woo’s” from Lee. About halfway through the album is “Best I Can Do,” which kicks off immediately with some majestic brass and more thumping drums. Guitarist Marc Campbell tinkles along with the steadily rising vocals, leading to the perfect halfway point energy boost that’ll have you eager for more. From that point, “Hurricane” and “Coffins” temporarily slow down the album just to bring you back into a dancing frenzy with “No Need for Dreaming” and “Box Around the Sun.” The album closes out with the anthemic “Queens,” completing a brilliant musical cycle.

The five-piece hails from straight out of New York City and packs a serious indie-pop punch with their newest album. They’re currently touring the country and, if you can believe it, their live show is just as amazing as their record. Catch them at a venue near you, and stream the album on their site!