Meet Yellowman’s Daughter K’reema



Kareema Foster, also known as K’reema, is an up and coming musician who hails from Brooklyn, NY. The daughter of legendary reggae artist Yellowman, she is following in her father’s footsteps and paving her own way in the the music industry. Releasing her first single “We Don’t Give A F#%K” just 7 months ago, K’reema just released her second single “Go If You Wanna” yesterday. With over 19,000 followers on Twitter, she is garnering attention for herself and setting out to make her own name in reggae, just like dad.

For all of those who don’t know, who is K’reema?

I am a singer and songwriter, born and raised in Jamaica, now living in the United States, pursuing my long lived dream and my first love, Music! My music is a representation of me, infusing both worlds, my reggae and dancehall roots with my pop and r&b influence, creating my sound.

Your lyrics range from serious to fun (Don’t Give a F– ). They’re very real and listening to them, I feel like I’m right there with you. Do you pull from your every day when writing your material?

I would definitely say my writing is influenced by everyday life. The songs I write are usually drawn from real world experiences, whether my own or of people or events around me. I feel that in so many ways I have a story to tell, whether it’s mine or someone else’s, I use the music as my medium, the melody my canvas, and the lyrics my paint. I feel like that is what makes my music very relatable. My songs are very emotionally driven, often writing according to how I feel within that given moment.

You have several wonderful song covers on YouTube. What inspires you to cover the songs you choose to?

The songs I do cover mainly are songs I really like, enjoy singing, and just can’t get out of my head. I love choosing songs that compliments and showcases my vocal abilities as well.

Having Yellowman as your dad, how do you think that influenced your views on music?

My dad has had a major impact on my influences and views on music in many ways. One thing about Yellowman, he has a big love and appreciation for music. Growing up, we were exposed to all kinds of music very early and often. Knowing he is as legendary as he is, and knowing the challenges and adversity he faced getting to his height of success, it keeps me with that burning passion to work hard, and harder at my craft, if for nothing other than to make him and my family proud.

What’s the hardest thing about following your passion for music?

The hardest thing about following my passion for music appears to be staying focused on the long term vision and not be discouraged. The music industry is a very hard and challenging one, truly only the strong will survive. When I feel discouraged, I work harder, and just remember I was born for this, and remember all the love and support I have around me, and that alone keeps me going.

They say music saves lives. I heard you’re a life saver. Can you tell us about how you made the switch from EMT to your current path?

My switch from being an EMT was mainly because my passion for music was greater. I had always been doing music, however it was always placed on the back burner in my life, for whatever reason. I felt like the time and energy I had been putting into other jobs was only distracting and interfering with me truly giving my music what it deserved, and that was my all.

As the daughter of the legendary Yellowman, do you think your path in the music industry is a bit less bumpy than others’?

I feel my path in the industry, being the daughter of a legend, such as Yellowman, is a double edged sword. On one hand, I feel the reception from people overall is greater. I have an audience for which they are more receptive to lend their ears. It might unlock some doors, however the onus is still left on me to ensure I don’t disappoint them, and they love me and my work, and that the hard work bears fruit. There also comes the pressure of being held to the same standards or light as my father, another obstacle I’ll have to overcome. But regardless of who my father is, I still have to showcase my talent and I have to produce great music. I have to work twice as hard to distill any myths that I am just “Yellowman’s daughter”, and also a gifted and talented singer and songwriter.

Your Advice for aspiring artists?

My advice, as cliche as it may sound would be, work hard, stay focused, and be true to yourself as an artist. Hard work always pays off.

What are your goals for 2015?

My goals for 2015 can be summarized in one word, “MORE!”. That’s more music, more shows, more videos, more K’reema! You can look forward to my first music video for my first single “We Don’t Give a What”, which I’ll be shooting in Jamaica. #exited