K’reema Releases New New Video feat. Yellowman


K’reema and her father, Yellowman, have paired up and released a music video on YouTube on June 15th to celebrate Father’s Day. This father-daughter duo dedicates their song, Father’s Love, to all the fathers out there to celebrate their prominent roles in all the lives they have touched with light and chirpy beats. Yellowman was one of the biggest reggae artists since Bob Marley, and he sure does bring his signature talent to this song. K’reema is following in her father’s footsteps and breaking out into the reggae industry. With this song’s catchy chorus, it’s hard to find yourself not singing along by the second chorus. Scratch that– the entire song is catchy. Father’s Love is one of those songs that you find stuck in your head, singing all day long. You can just feel the smile growing on your face as your body sways to the effortless beats. This cheerful song reminds us to appreciate everything fathers do for us– from being a role model teaching us right from wrong to always being our rock who is always there especially when times get tough. So if Father’s Love reminded you to hurry and buy a gift for this Sunday, don’t forget to give your father something he loves, and hey, why not show him this song?