Kodaline Takes Over Terminal 5 in NYC


Kodaline was Worth the Wait

Saturday night Kodaline performed at Terminal 5. After having to cancel their last tour due to an injury, fans welcomed them with enthusiasm. Fresh off the release of their new album, Coming Up for Air, a mix of old and new songs were to be expected. Their style is distinguishable, but they also manage to not sound repetitive and explore aspects of different genres.

Gavin James, an Ireland-based singer –songwriter, opened for the band. James played an acoustic set, which unfortunately wasn’t well-suited for the venue. James had a great voice and his songs were amazing, but his set was very intimate. However, performance-wise he was captivating, for those closer to the stage, and he really put his heart into his music.

Kodaline came on next and went right into their song “Ready” off their new album. After each song lead singer Steve Garrigan would say ‘cheers’ as the lights went out making it feel like it was their last song. It was a little confusing at first, but also funny. Kodaline performed a nice mix of songs off their new album as well as old favorites. “High Hopes,” “Lost,” and “The One” were played during the initial set. During “The One,” Garrigan had the audience take out their phones and wave them back and forth to create a “more romantic” mood. They had actually written “The One” for a friend of theirs as a wedding present. For the encore they played “Honest,” the first single that was released off Coming Up for Air and a melody of some of their songs. To end the night they performed “All I Want” and crescendoed into a high energy ending. It was definitely worth the wait to be able to see Kodaline live.