Adventure Club blasts off US Tour in Miami


Fresh off the heels of their awe-inspiring main stage performance at TomorrowWorld, Adventure Club flew to Miami to kick off their fall US tour at the Fillmore in Miami in true Adventure Club fashion.

I was asked to cover the show at the last minute and even though I had just seen them on Saturday, wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity. While I’m not the biggest dubstep fan, I have a particular fondness for the music these Canadians create, going back to their Music Pack 1 with “Crave You”, “Youth” and even their heavy, wub-infused remix of Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends“.

A few guests joined them for select shows on the Florida leg, including Corporate Slackrs, Paris Blhom and Shaun Frank who appeared in that order. Each brought a little something different to the table, but Shaun Frank really shined and played an upbeat, eclectic mix of house and techno that hyped the crowd up before Adventure Club took the stage at 11:30.


I left for a break halfway through Paris Blohm and when I got to the patio, saw a kid who twenty minutes earlier fell to the ground and could hardly stand back up, slumped over on a bench surrounded by venue staff and paramedics. This is an unfortunate, but unsurprising scene at an all ages event. Though no fault of the venues, the DJs or anyone else other than his own, he either didn’t know his limits or chose to ignore them and was taken away on a stretcher. He most likely woke up with an IV and a fat hospital bill, wondering how he got there. While I saw plenty of people under the influence at TomorrowWorld, none looked too far gone. The difference a couple of years make.  I digress.

I wondered how their set would change from a main stage format where they’re playing at one of the biggest festivals in the world in front of 40,000 to a more intimate show in a theater before one thousand and the short answer is that it seemed more focus. Rather than play thirty seconds of a song and jump to a big room drop, they actually let songs ride.

Adventure Club opened with Flosstradamus’ “Most Pit” and continued to cater to the heavy bass that Miami is known for craving and they’re known for crafting. They served up a solid mix of original music and remixes and I was thoroughly pleased to hear some new creative mashups including the vocals from “California Love” laid down over Major Lazor’s “Lean On” and Lorde’s “Tennis Courts” while the melody from “Reload” leaked in. Around this time, Christian left Leighton to man the decks while he walked up to the front of the stage to do a little crowd surfing. In South Florida, that’s about the only surfing one can do, so why not?


The only hackneyed moment during their set was the Lion King roar followed by the infamous NAAAAAA ZVEGNAAAA, which I feel has been done to death, having heard it at least three times in different sets at TomorrowWorld. They continued to feed off the crowd’s energy, dropping “Gold dust”, one of Galantis’ lesser known tracks and RL Grime’s remix of The Weeknd’s “The Hills”, which has been blowing up lately and rode that wave right into their new track “Limitless”, which received an excellent response. They closed with their classic “Crave You” which went into Young Jeezy’s “Put On”, which was a nice nod and dap to the Magic City.

Adventure Club is currently on tour now and if they’re appearing at a club or festival down you, be sure to see them.