Fans of Seinfeld rejoice! To promote the launch of all nine seasons of Seinfeld on its streaming service, Hulu is building a replica of the iconic Upper West Side apartment in New York City that will be open to the public. Seinfeld: The Apartment will open on June 24th, the same day the series debuts on Hulu, and will be open daily from 10am to 7pm through June 28th.

Here’s what to expect inside, according to the official release:

Guests and fans who enter “Seinfeld: The Apartment” will have a chance to peruse an experience inspired by the apartment from one of the most popular, award-winning and one of the longest-running comedy series of all time for free.

The installation will include interactive elements, allowing fans to partake in some of the most memorable on-screen moments throughout the series, including the George Costanza Valentine’s Day photo shoot and their very own Kramer “barge-in” entrance.

In addition to the apartment set recreation, the installation will include a full Seinfeld gallery experience featuring props, scripts, rare memorabilia and more from the series.